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Frequently Asked Questions

We have already answered the most frequently asked questions for you here! But, is there anything unclear? Then go to  contact

I am a student and would like to lower my rent, is this possible?

If the calculator shows that your rent too high is, we will be happy to look at your rental agreement and make an online appointment without obligation. During the appointment we will explain you the whole process and make an accurate calculation for your maximum rental price. If you agree to our service, we'll first try to solve it together with the landlord, if this does not work, we will solve it with legal steps.  Remember, you don't pay us until it's resolved; after all, we work on a no cure no pay basis!

How long does the process take for you?

This is entirely dependent on the landlord. After we have received your request, we will contact you within two working days. After that we get to work. Sometimes we reach a settlement with the landlord and it is resolved within two weeks, but this can also take months. If we cannot reach an agreement with the landlord, we will look for a solution together with the Rental Committee. Last year, this process with the Rent Assessment Committee took an average of nine months.

What is the difference between an independent living space and an independent living space?

An independent house is a house with its own front door, kitchen, shower and toilet. This can be an apartment or studio. For example, if you have your own front door but you share the kitchen, then you have an independent living space.


An independent home is a home without its own front door and/or shared facilities. You can think of a shared kitchen, bathroom, toilet or shower. These are often student rooms.

Can I take action together with my housemates?

Yes, of course. When you apply for a groups case we give you the option for an online or physical appointment. If you choose for a physical appointment, one of our rental expert will visit you and measure all the rooms of the people who want to participate. This is free of charge and without obligation. It is important that we receive all rental agreements in advance. We would like to receive this information via a contact person. If you have already been in contact with us and your housemate also wants to participate, you can send us an email or app.

Do I have to pay in advance for your service?

We work on the basis of 'no cure no pay'. This means if we don't find a solution, you don't have to pay us. So we look at your rental contract free of charge and make an appointment, also free of charge. If we come up with a solution and therefore a saving, we ask for 25 percent of your achieved savings. We will bear all legal costs.

Can my landlord just evict me after you contact me?

No, this can't just happen. There are of course always exceptions, but with a contract for an indefinite period this is not possible without good reason. Do you have a rental agreement for an indefinite period? As long as you do not cause any nuisance and you pay your rent every month, the landlord cannot evict you. Only if the landlord needs the house for his own use or if you really make a mess of it, he may terminate your tenancy agreement. In that case, the landlord must also provide proof. So you don't have to worry.

Can I also reach you by phone?

Leave your phone number on our  contact page and indicate there that you prefer to be contacted by phone. We will contact you by telephone within two working days.

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