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We have received your information!

Our rental expert will get to work for you right away. Within two working days you will receive a Whatsapp with an indication of whether you can start saving. If you want to speed up the process, you can immediately upload your rental contract via the Whatsapp icon or via THIS link.


Next steps

Step 1

You will receive a Whatsapp within two working days indicating whether you can start saving. Is this the case? Then you can upload your rental contract and provide additional information. This information is used to make an accurate calculation of your maximum basic rental price and to check whether you can get a refund. During a digital call, one of our rental experts will explain the process so that you know what to expect. This is all free and without obligation. Only if you decide to continue with the rent reduction, HuurTeHoog will receive 25% of the savings.

Stap 2

When you have signed the service agreement, HuurTeHoog will get to work for you! HuurTeHoog will first contact your landlord and try to work it out with him/her. Can't do this? Then HuurTeHoog will solve it legally. It may be that people from the Rent Assessment Committee have to visit you once to measure your room, but we will let you know this well in advance. After a few months you will be told whether you are going to save!

What does it cost?

Very simple, Huurtehoog works with 'no cure, no pay'. This means you don't have to pay anything in advance and only when you save money, Huurtehoog will receive 25% of the savings. This way it will never cost you more money then it would yield! If it turns out that you are not eligible for a rent reduction or if Huurtehoog fails to reduce your room rate, it will cost you nothing.

If your rent can only be reduced for the future, Huurtehoog will receive a one-off payment of 25% of the savings over a year. This is therefore three months the difference between your old rent and the new reduced rent.





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Do you want to know more about the process? Then click here

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