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Who is Huurtehoog was founded in 2022 by two students who are completely fed up with the overpriced rooms in the Netherlands. During our studies we also looked for rooms to live in, but we soon found out that a ridiculous amount of money was being asked for rooms that were far too small. We wondered: “Can landlords just ask any price they want for a room?”.


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After some research, we found out that landlords cannot simply charge a high price for a room, but that the maximum rent depends on a number of points. We have investigated in detail how this works and immediately received questions from friends and relatives whether we could also arrange a rent reduction for them. This gave us an idea, why don't we help all tenants?


The study is now partly on a break due to all requests via and almost all of our time is devoted to

Are you looking for a nice job?

Take a quick look at our vacancy page to see if you might be able to add to our team!

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