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What does a basic rent reduction look like?

Before you start the process, it is good to know exactly what will happen and whether it will cost you money. That is why you can see on this page exactly what the process looks like and how the law works.

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First check whether you are renting an independent or non-self-contained accommodation. If you share a toilet, shower or kitchen with other people, you rent a shared house/room . Do you have these facilities all to yourself? Then you have an independent living space. 

After supplying some information about your accommodation, our rent expert will check whether you are eligible for a rent reduction or reclaim. If you qualify, we will schedule a digital call to explain exactly how much you will save and how much you can get back. This is of course completely free and without obligation.

When you have signed the service agreement, Huurtehoog will get to work for you! HuurTeHoog will first contact your landlord and try to work it out with him/her. If this does not work, then Huurtehoog will solve it legally. It may be that people from the Rent Assessment Committee have to visit you once to measure your room, but we will let you know this well in advance. After a few months you will be told whether you are going to save!

What does it cost?

Very simple, Huurtehoog works with 'no cure, no pay'. This means you don't have to pay anything in advance and only when you save money, Huurtehoog will receive 25% of the savings. This way it will never cost you more money then it would yield! If it turns out that you are not eligible for a rent reduction or if Huurtehoog fails to reduce your room rate, it will cost you nothing.

If your rent can only be reduced for the future, Huurtehoog will receive a one-off payment of 25% of the savings over a year. This is therefore three months the difference between your old rent and the new reduced rent.





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Wat kost het

The law

In the Netherlands, the government has determined the maximum cost for a room. This maximum basic rent is calculated on the basis of the so-called points system. The points system (officially: Housing Evaluation System) is a system that expresses the quality of a rental home, room or caravan in a number of points. A maximum permitted rent is linked to this number of points. The maximum permitted rent for each point total is determined annually (as of 1 July) by the Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations  .

If the points system shows that you pay too much rent, you can request a rent reduction based on Art. 7:249 Civil Code. The Rent Assessment Committee will assess whether you are eligible for a rent reduction and whether you will receive a refund of your overpaid rent. If you choose to use Huurtehoog, you don't have to worry about this. Huurtehoog has a lot of knowledge about tenancy law and has already read hundreds of rental contracts, so that your rent reduction is guided in the right direction.

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