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Lower basic rent

The law states that many apartments, studios and rooms have a maximum rent. In the event of a rent reduction, one of our employees will make a calculation to determine your maximum basic rental price. This is all free and without obligation, because Huurtehoog works according to the principle of 'no cure, no pay'.

First of all, we check whether you are renting an independent or non-self-contained accommodation. There are differences in calculating the maximum basic rent for both. Based on the surface area and facilities you have, our rental expert will make a score and calculate your maximum rental price.

Do you pay a fair rent?

We will find out for you, free of charge and without obligation, whether you are paying too much!

Independent living space

You have your own shower, toilet and kitchen

Shared house/room

You rent a room where you share the shower, toilet or kitchen

Bedroom 2.png

The rent is calculated on the basis of the so-called points system. The maximum rent is determined on the basis of this. The larger the room and the more facilities, the more points and therefore the higher the rent may be.


For eight out of ten rooms, the rent charged is too high. Do you want to know what's going on in your case? Quickly calculate your rental price with our rental calculator to find out whether you are paying a fair price.

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