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Reclaim service costs

Did you know that you must receive a final statement of the service costs every year? We often see this go wrong. You pay service costs for the supply of gas, water and electricity, but also for services such as internet or cleaning. You must always receive a specification for this every year. Based on this specification, you can check whether your advances have actually been spent. The landlord must hand over this specification before July 1 of the new year. He must also send the invoices so that the costs can be checked. Many landlords do not do this, which means that tenants often pay too much for the service costs. HuurTeHoog helps you to view these invoices and check whether you will receive a refund. This can often be done up to 5 years back in time. 

We found out that almost 80 percent of landlords do not provide a refund or specification for their tenants. Is this also the case with you? Then click on 'Reclaim' and leave your details. We will then contact you within two working days.

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