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Do you pay a fair rent?

Did you know that 8 out of 10 students pay too much for their rent? That's more than 272,000 students in the Netherlands who are paying too much for their rent every month.

HuurTeHoog can lower your rent and often reclaim the overpaid rent. Is your rent too high and do you get a refund? Calculate it quickly!

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This calculation only applies if you do not have your own front door

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Kale huur

HuurTeHoog berekent wat de maximale kale huurprijs per kamer is en update je ieder jaar met een nieuwe maximale kale huurprijs aan de hand van de jaarlijkse stijgingen.


Verhuurders mogen veel gemaakte kosten doorberekenen naar de huurders, maar lang niet alle kosten mogen doorberekend worden. HuurTeHoog kan aan de hand van jouw facturen een accurate servicekosten afrekening en een goeie schatting maken voor het nieuwe jaar.

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Veel contracten houden in de rechtbank geen stand. Daarom helpt HuurTeHoog verhuurders met het opstellen van contracten zodat er achteraf geen onverwachte dingen kunnen gebeuren.

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Active throughout the Netherlands

Originally started in the far north, we now help tenants throughout the country. It doesn't matter where you live, we are happy to help you! Curious about the maximum you are allowed pay? Click HERE 

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About was founded in 2022 by two students who are completely fed up with the overpriced rooms in the Netherlands. During our studies we also looked for rooms to live in, but we soon found out that a ridiculous amount of money was being asked for rooms that were far too small. We wondered: “Can landlords just ask any price they want for a room?”.


After some research, we found out that landlords cannot simply charge a high price for a room, but that the maximum rent depends on a number of points. We have investigated in detail how this works and immediately received questions from friends and relatives whether we could also arrange a rent reduction for them. This gave us an idea, why don't we help all people who rent a room?


We have now put our studies partially on hold due to all requests via and almost all of our time is devoted to

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